Perfectly Cut Screams #4

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    you actually got me with the pause trick

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    You don't need to know the show, Jack. All you need to know is that Doofenshmirz is the best Disney dad.

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    7:04 jokes on you im on mobile and im sad

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    have you had taco bell?it has the power of shit

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    *clicks on video* *turns volume down to 15%*

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    my vid has been frozen for the past 1hr pls help

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    As a person of many that works on cars, this --> 4:49 is very accurate.

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    Not me being very happy when I saw Wilbur :D

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    11:18 😂 man doesn't care

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    Yes LillyPichu and micael reeves are the cutest couple

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    Me: *starts video* Seán: *starts screaming* Me: Wanna go? Screaming match! *screams along with him*

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    Seán: I need to be more productive. Me: Create stuff on Quotev. There you go.

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    Seán: Everyone's on Tik Tok. Me: Don't be too sure about that.

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    Oh My god ??? 🤔

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    Pov you hit your little brother 0:05

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    4:50 made me on the floor crying of laughter cause i've had that happen before XD XD XD

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    4:07 it's funny how I used to go to school with the kick in the video (don't ask me for his name it's been 3 years now that he moved away but he was really funny)

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    And also the FreezeFrame what are you done did not trick me I am on my Phone not my gaming PC

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    I accidentally stepped on my dog my dog looking at saying why are you screaming

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    Helps me forget about my c a n c e r WIL- noOAHH

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    16:48 when u guess in class and get the right answer

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    7:06 good thing the times on it are wrong i dont have autoplay on and im on moble😌

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    can somebody link the one where he runs his fingers through his hair and pulls some out I need to show it to someone

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    Oml I love your voice

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    11:09 jacksepticeye’s after seeing blue cat blues

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    9:37 lol

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    that ohiyo one really got me XD

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    12:29 gab: HE HAS A GIRLFREIND

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    It meme screm

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    PoOr Wilbur

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    I think someone answered this so I am here to make it clear The rhythm game clip - where BTMC (the person playing osu! the game. He uses the stylus to aim and play better. He uses his two fingers and hit his keyboard rapidly. He has to just get the circles

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    12:42 where did you go? he gone

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    11:48 how Lana Rhoades baby will be born

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    12:07 bay blade theme song starts playing

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    Shut up jack I’m trying to sleep

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    Dad : you look like a busted can of biscuits

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    8:16 he’s pressing xz so he won’t use a mouse because with a pen it’s easier

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    jack ending the video in Lego City: HEEY

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    Why dont you try to do a 1d game? (Or you cant do that)

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    Shit wrong youtuber

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    15:41 is he ok?

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    Me: Mom, can we get Revenge of the Sith? Mom: No, we have it at home. Revenge of the Sith at home: 11:19.

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    Jack when the dog got zapped: Noooooo! Me: Bursts out laughing

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    10:41 - 11:04 I laughed at it I know I am going to hell

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    why did the dog at the end sound like jack screaming

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    good thing i am a child that hates tiktoks

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    This video: proof that jack is stupid

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    I'm sorry but that kid rocketing out of the slide and ramming onto the ground was too funny.

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    The last one I hated because I hate needles

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    jack you have to wach dorito dude

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    Owner:one more... dog :(whimpering) AAAH-

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    The reason why people get knocked out when on the catapult ride at a theme, that is because when the ride first launches them in the air, there is enough force to knock some people out. I dunno search it up on yt or something.

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    i swear the last one was my dog

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    on the off chance someone sees this and knows, what's the rhythm game that one streamer who "missed the last one" called?

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    Me: 12:28 - my self esteem : a minute after

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    11:49, Dude goes flying out faster than a lubed cannonball

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    why it look like jack shrunk?

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    Water goes in, fluid goes out, BUT I AM SICK OF IT!!

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    One of them is where I live

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    What happened to the slapping the camera and saying “top of the mornings to ya”

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    Yes 👏 w

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    Definitely not a video to watch at 1:35 in the morning 🙄😒

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    3:31 i follow a couple og people on tumblr, for their mha villain au's

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    Me like it when the man put hot sauce on his eyes

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    Headphones sony wh1000xm4

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    Man Robin is having a hhhhhhaaaayyyyy DAY with this

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    The tennis ball throw it against the wall is pretty dark and to make it worse it was a advertisement for Walmart tennis balls

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    the dad 'beheading' his child xDDDDDDDDD

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    He seriously has a problem drinking the 5 litter bottle?

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    What a stupid lie Tumblr is ruined with how much porn is gone it use to be better

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    I love these screams idk why but they make me laugh

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    12:27 no no no why did you stop

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    Am I the only one who laugh at the bug zapper bit

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    You got me

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    “Everyone” awe poor Lola “me” 😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣

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    Does anyone else like thick anime thighs

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    1:47 I guess everybody is on tic toc It appears that “everybody” includes my dad

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    5:31 That's what she said...

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    7:04 ha jokes on you im on mobile

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    I almost have the same water bottle as the guy in Sean 9:54

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    He song more like mario

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    A lily has the best scream fbi: hmm interesting

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    0:48 Imagine Evelyn walks in and sees this with no context on whatever the fuck is happening

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    9:11 can somebody tell me what this is from?

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    "If a kid falls, I'm gonna laugh" - Jacksepticeye, 2021

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    You, me, gas station

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    Not the Wilbur Soot clip!-

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    At the last second of this video my fell on me

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    My phone